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مُساهمةموضوع: ENGLISH FINAL EXAM   الجمعة نوفمبر 30, 2012 11:49 pm


Level: 2as SE/GE/M/MT
Duration: 2h
Section one :
A/Reading comprehension (8pts)
Read the passage carefully then do the activities
At two minutes to noon on 1 September 1923, the great clock in Tokyo stopped. Tokyo Bay shook as is a huge rug had been pulled from under it. Towering above the bay, 4,000-metre Mount Fuji stood above a deep trench in the sea. It was from this trench that the earthquake came, at a magnitude of 8.3 on Richter scale.

-The sea drew back for few moments. Then, a huge wave swept over the city. Boats were carried inland, and buildings and people were dragged out to sea. The tremors dislodged part( of a hillside which gave way , brushing trains, stations and bodies into the water below. Large sections of the sea-bed sank 400 meters; the land rose by 250 meters in some places and sank in others. Three massive shocks wrecked the cities of Tokyo and Yokohama and, during the next six hours, there were 171 aftershocks.

-The casualties were enormous, but there were also some lucky survivors. The most remarkable was a woman who was having a bath in her room on Tokyo Grand Hotel. As the hotel collapsed, she and her bath gracefully descended to the street, leaving both her and the bathwater intact.
(frome earthquakes and volcanoes: S.Steel)
1- how many paragraphs are there in the above passage ? 1pt
2- are these statements true or false ? 2pts
a- the earthquake happened during the night
b-the earthquake started in the city
c-the first three shocks were followed by a great number of aftershocks
d-there were a few victims
3-answer the following questions according to the text: 2pts
a-which cities were damaged by the earthquake?
b-what happened to the land and the sea-bed ?
4-choose the best title: 1pt
a- a lucky woman
b- a devastating earthquake
c- a storm in Tokyo bay
5- find in the text words that are opposite in meaning to the following: 1pt
Below # ………… §1 unfortunate # …………………§3
6- what the underlined words refer to in the text ? 1pt
Under it …………... §1 sank in others …………………§2
B/ Languages study (7pts)
1- supply punctuation and capitals where necessary: 1pt
where are they going all together like that he asked
2- complete the table below 1pt
verb noun
to explode
to advise
to contribute
to save

3- rewrite sentence “b” so as it has the same meaning as sentence “a” 2pts
1a- “ the casualties were enormous” he said
1b- he said ……………………………………
2a- if I were you I would take part in charitable activities
2b- you …………………………………………………….
4- re order the following sentences to make a coherent paragraph 2pts
a- important measures were taken by the government.
b- it destroyed the whole city.
c- at midnight a violet earthquake awakened people.
d- to rescue and help the victims.
5- classify the following words according to the number of their syllables 1pt
a-earthquake b-reconstruct c-victim d-casualties

section two: written expres​sion(5pts)
choose one of the following topics:
topic one: using the following notes , write a paragraph on the 1980 earthquake of El Asnam
- October 10th ,1980
-seven on richter scale
-buildings and houses collapsed
-many casualties
-quick arrival of rescuers
-solidarity among Algerians
-foreign aid
-government program to reconstruct towns / villages.
Topic two: write a piece of advice about the precautions that people should take before, during and after an earthquake
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